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Incredible Sitemap Generator for Your Website

Having an astounding presence for your website in the World Wide Web in the modern day’s cutting edge competition is a prerequisite. It allows you to attain a target goal and reach out to your desired visitors. The strategies for maintaining your website on the World Wide Web is quite tricky. There are some crucial […]

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Yahoo’s New Livetext App Lets You Do Audio-Free Video Messaging With Style

Yahoo has launched a new messaging app “Livetext”, which has some pretty unique features promising to give your daily chatting experience a new vibe. Livetext superimposes text on videos, but there is no sound involved. So for example, if you are hiking somewhere, you can quickly send the video of yours with a text on […]

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Yahoo Launches Password-Free Email Login and Encrypted Email Features

Yahoo has announced a new security feature which could be easily labelled as a revolutionary step towards password free yet highly secure technological era. The tech giant said that it is going to let its users login Yahoo’s email service without any password. Instead, users could use an on-demand service which will be using a […]

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Samsung Smart TV Inserting Random Ads Without User Permission

Samsung’s latest Smart TV has suffered a PR disaster. A number of users have complained that during watching locally stored content on Samsung smart TV, pop up ads from nowhere surface on the screen and start playing, without the intent or permission of the user. The first report came on Reddit where a user said […]

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Google Agrees To Show Real Time Tweets from Twitter in Google Search

Twitter has struck a deal with Google after which, Google will have the access to Twitter stream. This would mean that all the tweets and news feed streams from Twitter will be available in the Google search results. Analysts are hopeful that this move will increase the traffic on Twitter, which is struggling with its […]

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San Francisco Chronicle to use ‘Digital Incubator” for News Reporting

San Francisco Chronicle is one of the oldest Newspapers of USA, working now for 148 years. It has devised a revolutionary plan to combat the decline in its circulation that was initiated during 2009-2012 by introducing digital elements into reporting. The first woman managing editor, Audrey Cooper is pushing the reporters into a digital incubator. […]

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Army Looking For Average Looking Women

Beauty queen and U.S. Army Soldier Theresa Vail wouldn’t be a good choice for Army advertisements according to the Army’s targeted audience.  Yahoo finance said the U.S. Army is looking for “average looking woman” in its advertisements in order to get more ladies into combat boots. According to internal emails obtained by Kate Brennan at Politico,  […]