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3 Reasons Why Bing Can Dominate Google In The Future

Bing has hit the search engine market with a bang! We just wrote about how Bing has already gained market share for the 2nd month in a row – and Bing is only 2 months old! Even though Bing has some momentum going at the moment, Google is by far the king of search, and […]

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Bing Gains Marketshare – Again!

Microsoft is on a role with their search engine Bing! For the 2nd month in a row, Bing has gained market share in the search engine market at the expense of both Google and Yahoo. According to a news release just out: For the second month in a row – and the second month since […]

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The Secret To Yahoo's Success…

Bits has an article out today talking about Carol Bartz, Yahoo’s chief executive, an interview they did with her, and discussing some comments she made about Yahoo. Ms. Bartz specifically stated that, “We have never been a search company,” and again, “It is, ‘I am on Yahoo. I am going to do a search.” There […]

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Google Plays Major Role in Microsoft / Yahoo Deal

If you ever want to question the relevance of Google in the world of search, then you need to look at the Microsoft – Yahoo deal. The agreement struck between Microsoft and Yahoo, and the lifespan of that deal, is solely determined by Google’s performance. An article at The Register states: The SEC update reveals that […]

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Yahoo & Microsoft Deal Not Just About Search

There was a filing today (Tuesday) from Yahoo to the Security and Exchange Commission that gave us more insight into the details of the Yahoo – Microsoft merger. Around the end of page 4, however, we start to get a glimpse that the deal is not just about search: In addition, Yahoo! may at its […]