Top 5 Health & Fitness Apps For Android

Are you really looking to burn your fats and reduce your weight? This is the right place to get your desired results. People seek motivation for exercising or having a proper diet plan that helps decreasing their weight. However, often … Continued

Hair Care Vitamin Regimen

What follows is the regimen that my wife uses for her hair care program. Vitamins are very important for not just the growth of hair but for overall health. After doing years of research on vitamins, I have found what … Continued

Whey Protein Versus Soy Protein Part 3

Whey Protein Versus Soy Protein Part 3. When choosing a supplement, getting as much information as possible about your choices will help you get the most out of your hard earned dollars. As we mentioned in the first part of … Continued

Whey Protein Versus Soy Protein Part 2

Whey Protein Versus Soy Protein Part 2. In my previous article in this series we set up an imaginary competition between these two popular protein supplements, using the same methods used by scientists to determine a protein source’s bioavailability.  In … Continued

Anti-Cholesterol Fiber Derived From Barley

Anti-Cholesterol Fiber Derived From Barley. Cargill’s new Barliv Barley Betafiber shows great prospect of helping in the lowering of cholesterol, according to Cargill.  The fiber is added to functional beverages without affecting the appearance, taste, or aroma. It is formulated … Continued

Peanuts Can Lower Cholesterol

Peanuts Can Lower Cholesterol. I couldn’t help myself.  I had to pull out my 3 pound can of peanuts.  I felt my cholesterol levels getting too high, so I needed a peanut fix. Researchers from California and Spain combined the … Continued