Justin Bieber on SNL Video (Saturday Night Live)

justin bieber snl saturday night liveJustin Bieber on SNL Video (Saturday Night Live)

Justin Bieber (16 years old) starred on SNL (Saturday Night Live) last night and the teen pop sensation captivated viewers with his presence.

Below is one of the skits that Justin Bieber starred in on Saturday Night Live.

Nobody is quite certain the motive behind having Justin Bieber on Saturday Night Live. After all, he is only 16 years old, so did SNL think that he would be reaching the young teen crowd from the SNL stage?

Or maybe it was simply a matter of branding and promotion for Saturday Night Live – having a big name star like Justin Bieber on the show will definitely draw a lot of attention and coverage on the web.

Here’s Just Bieber starring in one of the skits on SNL last night:

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