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3 Reasons Why The NFL Needs Sponsor Logos On Gameday Jerseys

We all know that the NFL has been toying around with the idea of putting sponsor logos on their jerseys. In fact, it’s already happening with the Seattle Seahawks placing logos on their practice jerseys. Here’s 3 reasons why the NFL should just go ahead and start putting sponsor logos on the actually game jerseys […]

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Invisible Speakers To Turn Your Laptop Monitor Into Speakers

Mashable just posted an article about Emo Labs and their revolutionary technology that turns TV screens, and even laptop or desktop monitors into speakers. Impressive technology that could quickly change the way we listen to audio on laptops, and even the supposedly upcoming Apple Tablet. Check out the  interview from Mashable:

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Twitter Dominated By The NFL Game Day

Twitter Dominated By NFL As much as the NFL is against social media, you’d think they would find some way to embrace it, especially when you take a quick glance at the trending. I t’s the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, and Twitter is dominated, 8 out of 10 topics, by the NFL! In […]

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Nokia N900 Has Mozilla Browser w/ Full Flash Support – iPhone Does Not

I can’t believe this new Nokia N900 that MobileCrunch just did a write up about!  (Click the link to read their article) What impresses me most is the Nokia N900 has a Mozilla browser with full flash support – and the iPhone does not.  If I’m wrong about this, please let me know and give […]

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Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video Pushing 80 Million Views – Plus 35 Videos From The 100 Million Club

What’s the 100 Million Club? It’s videos that have reached 100 million views or more online. Check out the top 35 videos as of August 25, 2009, below. It’s no secret that Michael Jackson’s Thriller video (watch video below), is one of the world’s most popular videos. And according to a new report out today, […]

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Georgia Bulldogs Facebook Fan Page & Bulldog Voices

Let me first invite you to our Georgia Bulldogs Social Network Facebook Fan Page. As you may already know, I’m an avid Georgia Bulldogs football fan.  Plus, I get the added benefit of living right here in Athens, Georgia – home of the University of Georgia and the Georgia Bulldogs!

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5 Ways The iPhone Is Changing Your Life

I’m going to make a prediction – the iPhone will be the dominant piece of technology in the world replacing the following devices with a supporting link to read why, how, or in what way: * the laptop – link * the TV – link * the radio – link * DVD rentals – link […]