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Georgia Bulldogs Facebook Fan Page & Bulldog Voices

bulldog_voicesLet me first invite you to our Georgia Bulldogs Social Network Facebook Fan Page.

As you may already know, I’m an avid Georgia Bulldogs football fan.  Plus, I get the added benefit of living right here in Athens, Georgia – home of the University of Georgia and the Georgia Bulldogs!

However, Athens isn’t really where the majority of fans can be found.  In fact, the majority of fans are online – and moreso in Facebook than any other locale on the web.

So that’s why I build the Georgia Bulldogs Social Network on Facebook – because, well, it’s a place for us Dawg Fans to gather!

From a technical perspective, the Facebook Fan Page I built has a lot of great customization elements that most pages don’t have.  Such as:

  • News and Information email subscription form
  • Twitter banner image to get to our Twitter page
  • Bulldog Voices banner image to get to our social network

And that leads me to my final point – our Georgia Bulldogs Social Network which is called Bulldog Voices!

Bulldog Voices was something I built this past November after the Michigan State and when our season was finally over.

Living here in Athens made me realize that the Georgia Bulldog Nation was made up of a large demographic – fans, students, alumni, faculty, etc..

And on game day, being here in Athens, you see something that you may not have ever seen before, but Athens becomes a world wide festival of Georgia Bulldog fans.  I mean the RV’s start rolling into town, people paint their bodies red and black, and 90,000 fans jam their way into Sanford Stadium – not to mention the millions more who are watching the game on TV.

But when it came to the Internet, there wasn’t really anywhere for Georgia Bulldogs to gather an interact with each other.

Sure there are some very large groups on Facebook – one being Chad Aycock’s Georgia Bulldogs fan page with over 82,000 fans, who helped me promote Bulldog Voices (thanks Chad, you are the man…)

So Bulldog Voices was launched, and I’m excited to say that this season is going to be our very first season on the web, and its sure to be exciting.

If you haven’t checked out Bulldog Voices yet, then come on over – and don’t forget our Georgia Bulldogs Social Network on Facebook.

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