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Why I Downgraded From Firefox 3.5


Here’s why I almost immediately downgraded from Firefox 3.5 back to Firefox 3.0.

It all started when I watched this video of the awesome customization of videos and new features that Firefox 3.5 versions offered.

I got so excited that I would be able to tweak some videos I immediately upgraded to Firefox 3.5.2.  The problems started, well, almost instantly!

When I was almost complete with the installation I got a message saying that some certain plugins wouldn’t work with Firefox 3.5.  And it just so happened that some of the plugins were for my Log Me In accounts which is were I help people with their computer issues.

So that was a big let down before I even really got the new Firefox installed.

Then, I went ahead and installed it anyway just to try and check out the video editing.  But there was no simple way that shows / explains how to do this, only that you can do it.  Again, this video is great, but doesn’t show you “how” or “where to go” to do it.

Finally, I noticed almost immediately that my browser was sticking on pages.  I mean, I was clicking links and sites and absolutely nothing was happening.  It was almost as if I wasn’t even logged on!

So needless to say – goodbye Firefox 3.5 until a later date when you perhaps get some of these bugs fixed.

I’m now back to Firefox 3.0.13 and cruising right along on the web!

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