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3 Reasons Why The NFL Needs Sponsor Logos On Gameday Jerseys

nfl-sponsor-logosWe all know that the NFL has been toying around with the idea of putting sponsor logos on their jerseys.

In fact, it’s already happening with the Seattle Seahawks placing logos on their practice jerseys.

Here’s 3 reasons why the NFL should just go ahead and start putting sponsor logos on the actually game jerseys of every NFL team.

1) The NFL owners need more revenue to turn each game into an entertainment production.  Sponsorship on jerseys would definitely help this cause.  I’ve always believed that the reason the NFL does so much better than pro baseball and pro basketball is because from the pre-game, to the final second of play, it’s an entertainment production that’s got a lot of energy and it’s exciting to watch.  The owners need to turn their stadiums into entertainment arenas for each game.  This will increase ticket sales, and continue to grow the NFL empire!

2) We need to keep all of the best games on cable network TV and avoid rediculous blackouts.   Bottom line – the best way to get more eyeballs watching a game is by ensuring that it hsows on cable TV.  And with the threat of blackouts each season, additional sponsorships to the NFL teams could help with the cost of showing the games on TV.

3) It will cause lower performing teams with crappy records to improve their performance.  If game day jerseys had sponsorship logos, and the sponsors where free to choose which team got their logo, then obviously the highest paying sponsors would be buying up placements on the best performing NFL teams.  And in turn, the lowest performing NFL teams (think the Detroit Lions), would be hurting because no sponsors would want to touch them.

There you go – my 3 reasons why the NFL should invite sponsor logos to be placed on the gameday jersesy – not just the practice jerseys.

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