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Vidyartha College Facebook Virus

vidyartha-college-facebook-virusVidyartha College Facebook Virus

There is a so – called Vidyartha College Facebook Virus is switching people’s high school name in their profiles to Vidyartha College.

This is a very bizarre thing to be happening on Facebook, and just as random is the issue – changing a the name of profiles high school? That’s just weird.

There is no word yet from Facebook about the Vidyartha College Facebook Virus – we’ll keep out eye on it throughout the day though.

The actual Vidyartha College itself is in Kandy, in Sri Lanka:

The primary intention of the Buddhist hierarchy was to establish a second Buddhist school in Kandy . We respectfully remember the untiring efforts of the Buddhist leadership in Kandy of the likes of Sir. T.B.Panabokke Adigar, former President of the Senate, Hon: A. Ratnayake and Mr. M.B. Kulugammana who made this a reality.

The College when first established had only a few buildings with Mr. GDA. Abeyratna as its first Principal assisted by a staff of 08 teachers. Presently there are nearly 3,000 students receiving their education in the College, with a teaching staff of around 150. The College has an enviable reputation not only in the academic fields but also in sports activities as well. The College boasts of several Vidyarthians who have represented Sri Lanka in Rugby , Football, Hockey, Boxing and Table Tennis. The College reached its peak during these 65 years which excelling in all aspects of academic and sports achievements.

Thousands of old boys who have passed out from the school since its inception have continually extended their fullest assistance to the school as brothers of one family. They have proved to be a great strength in maintaining the high standards of the school. When the past history of Vidyartha is examined, it shows that the OBA. has been the main instrument for the bond of fellowship between the old boys.

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