Wahlburgers Reality Show to Air on A&E

“Wahlburgers” is a restaurant run by the famous Wahlburger brothers.  They are soon to release a reality TV showthat will air on A&E.  On Wednesday they had a sale to a premiere party, which takes place on January 22nd at the Hingham Harbor. “It’s all about the Dorchester Youth Collaborative, and the money is going […]

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Top 5 Social Media Lessons of 2013

It seems as if every day social media keeps growing and growing, and that it is. As we come to the end of the year, we take a look back at social media’s big success and growth in 2013. Twitter debuted on the stock market. Vine was created, to much success. So much success that […]

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LG TV’s May Be Spying On People – Investigation Starts

LG’s smart TV’s may be too smart.  A blogger who calls himself DoctorBeet wrote in a blog post earlier this week that he’d run a traffic analysis on his home router and found that whenever he switched the channel, his LG Smart TV would ping LG’s servers with the name of the channel, along with […]

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Miners In Chile – Live Online Stream of Rescue (Watch Here)

CBS News and UStream have teamed up to provide live coverage of the rescue of the miners in Chile. The miners are trapped about half a mile underground in a collapsed mine. The live UStream is focusing mostly on the top of the tube where the rescuers will be emerging from the ground. This is […]


5 New Windows Phone 7 Commercials (Watch Them Here)

With the Windows Phone 7 smartphones on their way to AT&T next month, of course there needs to be a whole lineup of TV commercials to come along with it. Because that’s what Microsoft does – they spend a lot of money on commercials and promotions and somehow miss the boat on product usability and […]

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Twitter for Google TV – The Future of TV Is “Socialability”

Twitter announced today that “Twitter for Google TV” will come pre-installed on all Google TV’s. Twitter said that tweets aren’t just about TV shows, they are part of them. And this is true… take a look at the trending topics on any given Sunday for example. Nearly all of the trending topics are related to […]

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Toshiba’s New 3D TV, It’s 3D TV Without Glasses

Toshiba is on the verge of releasing a 3D TV that DOES NOT require viewers to wear those big, annoying 3D glasses. Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba all have TV’s on the market that are 3D compatible, but they all require 3D glasses. The new Toshiba’s will be the first natural 3D TV of it’s kind. The […]