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Top 5 Apps For Shopping

Nowadays smartphones are more than just for calling and texting, they play a huge part in ecommerce. Considering the operating system of Android, some very interesting Apps have been developed that aid you while going for shopping. Those of you who don’t want to waste their precious time in shopping malls, Android provides them with […]

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Hey Santa, I Bet You Can’t Beat These Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

“Hey Santa, I bet you can’t beat these deals!!!” That’s what a kid, acting a little bit rude might say to our Christmas Merry-maker up North… But it’s true! These are absolutely the hottest deals, that you will not want to miss – at unheard-of prices. First, we’ve got the Sony Wifi Blu-Ray Player. Going […]

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Amazon Website Down Today For Everyone?

I tried going to the Amazon website only to find out they had a 500 Error.  Now when I go to it, the site doesn’t even load.  Crazy to think that’s website is down, isn’t it?  Especially since they are known for their cloud solutions and storage services.  Hopefully the website will be […]

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Amazon Tablet Will Be iPads Biggest Competitor

Exactly when the Amazon tablet is going to hit the market is unknown at this point.  Most speculation puts Amazon releasing their Android tablet sometime in October.  With analysts expecting Amazon to sell nearly 5 million units of their tablet in Q4, this leaves less than three full months to achieve this number. But with […]

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The Amazing Acer Chromebook Boots Up In 8 Seconds

The future of computing could quite possibly be found in the new Chromebook. What’s a Chromebook you ask?  Basically it’s a laptop built from the ground up to run on the web – and it’s made by Google. I just received an email from Google telling me that the Acer Chromebook is now available at […]


The Real Steve Jobs Biography Is Available For Pre-Order at Amazon

As a follow up to the fake Steve Jobs biography story I just wrote about.  I probably should have mentioned that Steve Jobs real biography is available at Amazon for pre-order.  You can now pre-order your copy of Steve Jobs biography, written by Walter Isaacson, the CEO of the Aspen Institute, for $20.60 which is a […]


Is Amazon Beating Walmart At It’s Own Game?

Walmart has the reputation of everyday low prices. This is because Walmart has built its brand on the fact that you don’t need to wait for a sale to get low prices on everyday products.  Just come to Walmart and get low prices everyday. But the problem for Walmart is this – what do you […]