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Stevia Sweetened FRS Energy Drink

Stevia Sweetened FRS Energy Drink. We can’t say that drinking the new Stevia Sweetened FRS Energy Drink will help you win the Tour de France along with Lance Armstrong, drive like Raphael Matos at Indy, or be a baseball Rookie of the Year like Andrew McCutchen – but we can say that you’ll feel as […]

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Justin Bieber Pictures, Images, & Photos (Most Recent)

Justin Bieber Pictures, Images, & Photos (Most Recent) Get all you want of Justin Bieber at Amazon’s Justin Bieber store here Along with Justin Bieber being an international pop super star, he is typically one of the most searched phrases on Google. This is especially true when Justin Bieber has an event, does something ridiculous, […]

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The iPad Ebook Reader

Apple iPad Ebook Reader I have been a fan of audiobooks for many years. I much prefer to listen to an audiobook when I am on an airplane than read one. When I read for pleasure I read a paperback book. I have noticed over the last year and a half a trend of seeing […]

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The White BlackBerry Curve 8520 Makes #2 On Amazon

The white Blackberry Curve 8520 is currently up 527% on Amazon, taking it to the #2 spot in the movers and shakers product section. Read more about the BlackBerry Curve 8520 Phone, White (T-Mobile) This is quite a feat for the Blackberry device, and I’m thinking that the cool looking white feature has a lot […]


The Flexible Skiff E-Reader – Can It Be The Kindle Killer?

What’s one thing the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook can’t do?  FLEX!  Oh wait, there’s another thing they can’t do – a touchscreen e-ink display.  These are two attributes that just might give the Skiff a huge competitive advantage in the e-reader market place.

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Top Twitter Trends of 2009 Now Available

Twitter has released a great list of Twitter trends for 2009. The Twitter list shows us what was talked about most on Twitter. But I would also say that because it’s a Twitter list, you are probably looking at the most popular events that happened in 2009. As it is, things don’t make it on […]