The Flexible Skiff E-Reader – Can It Be The Kindle Killer?

skiff e reader 4What’s one thing the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook can’t do?  FLEX!  Oh wait, there’s another thing they can’t do – a touchscreen e-ink display.  These are two attributes that just might give the Skiff a huge competitive advantage in the e-reader market place.

The Skiff is an e-reader prototype that is not yet on the market, but is expected to be available this year (2010).  It is thin, only one quarter of an inch thick – and it bends and flexes due to it’s “silicon thin-film-transistors on a flexible steel substrate”.

skiff e reader 1

And according to, the Skiff is going to do nothing but dominate the e-reader marketplace once it hits the streets.  Here’s more from

The Skiff Reader pushes the e-reader standard by featuring a full touchscreen display spanning 11.5-inches.  The Amazon Kindle DX and smaller Kindle models don’t feature touchscreen e-ink, neither does that Barnes and Noble Nook (while the latter has an LCD touchscreen below the e-ink portion).  This provides a new, finger-friendly world of navigation as you flip pages, highlight and select content modules and skim through your favorite ebooks.

skiff e reader 3

The “silicon thin-film-transistors” technology is a bit more esoteric.  In short, the technology used in the Skiff Reader makes it flexible– meaning it can bend and warp on a whim, giving it a more durable and rugged build in contrast to those crackable Kindles.  The Skiff uses a metal foil design that merges with the thin film transistors to fit into a low-profile shape, in this case just a quarter-inch in thickness.

skiff e reader 2

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