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Palindrome Day is today – First one in 909 years

For those who don’t know, but today is a first Palindrome Day in 909 years. Anyhow, you’re probably wondering why is this important? Well, this day surely is special for so many reasons.

Namely, most of Las Vegas wedding chapels are offering special discounts for weddings on this day. Besides that, this day is very special since there are two different ways to count time.

Simply put, it’s February second, 2020. Now, this means that everyone who uses format MM/DD/YYYY will read this day the same. How come? Well, both backward and forwards, this date will be read in the same fashion.

Also, the format DD/MM/YYYY and everyone who uses that will also read it the same. Even though this day is such a funny thing, some think that it has some special meaning. Therefore, there are lots of beliefs worldwide that this day is somehow magical to a certain type of people

What is a Palindrome?

First of all, in order to know what Palindrome day is, we first must explain what palindrome is. Namely, a palindrome is a word or a date, that simply reads the same both from backwards or forwards.

Also, the palindrome meaning can also refer to some phrase or even a song. Therefore, people like using palindromes for some special occasions. To be honest, it’s fun, you can also give names as palindromes.

Simply put, we all know that President Nixon is actually the name in the same manner. Bet you didn’t think of that.

When was the last Palindrome Day?

You’re probably wondering now when was the last, first, and when will this day occur once again. Well, 909 years ago, there was another palindrome day. Simply put, the 11/11/1111 date is a palindrome.

Ok, but when will this happen again? Well, if you don’t like to count and scroll through the calendar, we will help.

The next palindrome day will occur in about 100 years. Simply speaking, the 12/12/2121 will be the next day like this one. And, that’s exactly the date when Mayans predicted the worlds ending by some prophecy.

Also, one more thing is quite important for today’s day. Namely, the Super Bowl 2020 will take place in Miami on this date. Isn’t it crazy that two best NFL teams will fight for the championship on a palindrome day?

Anyhow, it’s quite the fun to know that this day is offering a lot throughout the whole world.

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