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Sinkhole Swallows Corvettes at Museum (Pictures)

Talk about a bad location for a sinkhole to happen.  A huge sinkhole opened up at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky and swallowed at least eight cars. The Corvette museum says the sink hole is around 25-30 feet deep … Continued

New Oreo Flavors : Marshmallow Crispy and Cookie Dough

Normally I’m a fan of plain old traditional Oreo’s. No, not double stuffed, not mint flavored not strawberry, or whatever flavors they have.  However, I might have to change that thought after hearing about these new flavors Oreo is releasing: … Continued

Fires From Wart Removers Concern the FDA

You may wan to think twice about freezing your warts, because you could ironically burn them instead. Flammable over-the-counter wart removers have started fires, inuring at least 10 people according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. How can a … Continued