Worlds Tallest, Fastest Water Slide

The Verruckt Meg-A-Blaster will hold the world’s height and speed records for a water slide, park officials say.  The picture of the water slide shows an insanely high view from the top.  The water slide is still under construction and … Continued

Amsterdam Alcoholics Get Paid in Beer To Clean Streets

In Amsterdam they are paying alcoholics to clean the streets…with beer as payment.  It sounds absolutely ridiculous, doesn’t it?  Some alcoholics were disturbing one of Amsterdam’s parks and now there is a special program to keep them busy.  They receive … Continued

Couple Writes Apology Letter to Burglar

Kate Barrett, 36, and Dan Owens’ didn’t know the letter they wrote to the burglar after they were robbed would go viral.  They wrote a not that said ” sorry for not having particularly expensive tastes” and also criticized the … Continued