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Five Best Social Media Venues a Company Should Use to Enhance Business Growth

The new era in marketing over the years has been digital marking. More consumers are switching to an online platform considering how fast and convenient they can access the services and products they need. Therefore, businesses have also be forced to adapt to the changes in the market to have a competitive advantage.

One of the media businesses are now using for digital marketing is social media. Social media popularity has made people have one or more social media platforms they can access. From a business point of view, this implies having access to many consumers, which is a chance you may not want to pass. Unlike the past, where social media was only considered a fun platform, nowadays, businesses are using it to get leads and engage with their clients. Social media also reveals the stock prices in the market, and, currently, Skillz stock, a mobile games platform, is one to keep your eyes on.

Whether you intend to grow your business network or build one from the ground up, social media may be your best bet. When you are thinking of joining social media, you may have a problem finding the best place to start. However, you can use several social media venues to grow your business, and below is a list of five such venues.

1. Instagram

Although Instagram was considered a platform for pretty pictures and videos, it has since evolved to be a place of business. Instagram is one of the burgeoning social media platforms with over 800 million active users. Most of the platform’s demographic is for those under 35 years old. Therefore, if your business primarily includes traveling and beauty, which are mostly visually driven, your business success in this platform is increased. However, the increased competition and algorithms may need you to have effective strategies to reach your target audience. Some of the techniques may include the use of:

  • Relevant hashtags
  • Instagram stories
  • Influencer partnerships
  • Call to action

2. Facebook

Facebook has been considered the most influential social media platform considering it ranks number one in its users. Although it is mainly considered a platform for personal networks and interactions, it is now widely used for professional purposes. 

The platform has a Facebook Live feature which is quite an effective broadcasting tool. Your company can take advantage of such a feature to share with its audience its behind-the-scenes moments of your business, new product or service launches, and even new deals. With the platform’s unique ad tools, you can access your target audience with specific criteria.

3. LinkedIn

No social media venue offers a high level of professionalism as this platform. It has over 500 million members and, as such, should never be ignored. With LinkedIn, you can connect with relevant professionals from different industries, and this may expand your business network. Most people only opt for this platform when they are in the frenzy of looking for new jobs. However, it can be the best tool for your business, considering you can even connect yourself to potential employees and talent.

4. Twitter

Twitter offers you a platform where you can share your business content in an instant. Although the platform manages the number of characters you can use to express what your business offers, you can take it as a challenge. You can ensure that you calculate and post for your audience content that is only relevant, smart, and timely. Besides, there are other features you can use better to attract your audiences, such as photos and video. Twitter also has several features that may help in fueling your content, such as live videos and Twitter polls.

5. YouTube

YouTube has lots of users, over 2 billion, and cuts across all demographics. For the longest time, it was considered a platform that guaranteed only music and comedy success. However, this is never the case anymore, as businesses are oozing their video content. Nowadays, companies are using the platform to carry out product reviews and instructional videos. You can consider partnering with influencers with lots of following from your target audience to get a wider reach for imminent success.

The success you get on the social media venues depends on the kind of venue you choose. It is wise to choose one that resonates with your target audience for maximum results. Besides, you may also need to keep in mind that going about this alone and not opting for professional help may lead to failure.

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Great post! I completely agree that digital marketing has become essential for businesses to stay competitive in the market. Social media is a powerful tool that businesses can use to reach a wider audience, and your list of five social media venues is very informative. Instagram, for example, has become a hub for businesses that cater to younger audiences, while LinkedIn is great for expanding professional networks. I appreciate the tips on how to effectively use each platform, such as using relevant hashtags on Instagram and taking advantage of Facebook Live. Overall, this is a helpful guide for businesses looking to boost their online presence.

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