Insta-Famous: How to Be Successful on Instagram

Did you know that there are more than 1 billion Instagram users at this time? This can make it really challenging for you to stand out in the crowd when you sign up for the social media platform.

But against all odds, you can work on growing your Instagram following and enjoy success on Instagram by taking the right approach to it. With a little bit of luck, you might even be able to rack up a whole lot of likes on Instagram and followers on Instagram to become Insta-famous.

You’ll need to learn how to be successful on Instagram before you’re able to have this kind of success, though. You’re not going to have much luck if you don’t know how to go about doing it.

Want to find out some tricks that will help you figure out how to be successful on Instagram? Here are tips that should lead you down the right path and have your Instagram account popping in no time at all.

Start by Studying Some of the People Who Have Become Instagram Influencers

There are tons of so-called Instagram influencers out there today. Many of them have turned posting on Instagram into a career by flipping promotional posts into big profits.

You might not necessarily have your sights set on becoming the next big Instagram influencer. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from studying the influencers that exist to see what has made them so successful.

You may be able to learn a lot about how to be successful on Instagram simply by reading influencers’ stories. They’ll shed some light on the steps you’ll need to take to turn yourself into someone who other people want to follow.

Decide Who You Want Your Instagram Account’s Target Audience to Be

Who do you want your Instagram account to appeal to? It’s going to be very important for you to answer this question when you have your sights set on becoming successful on Instagram.

In a perfect world, you want to have a very clear target audience for your Instagram posts. It’s going to be so much easier to convince people to follow you when they feel as though you’re putting up your posts specifically for them.

Think About the Kinds of Posts You’re Going to Put Up on Instagram

Once you know who your Instagram account’s target audience will be, you can begin to consider what kinds of posts you’re going to start posting when your account goes live. You should put some real thought into this since you’re going to have to hit the ground running as soon as you begin posting on Instagram.

Some Insta-famous people post almost nothing but selfies. Others post pictures of food. And then, there are those who put up one meme after another in the hopes of garnering tons of attention.

You can go in whichever direction you would like while putting up Instagram posts. But you should have some general idea of what types of posts you’re going to put up from the start. 

Create a Genuine and Authentic Voice for Your Instagram Account

People are going to spend most of their time looking at the photos that you post on Instagram as opposed to reading the captions that you run along with them. But you could make the argument that the words that you choose to attach to your photos could be even more important than the photos themselves.

With this in mind, you need to create a genuine and authentic voice for your Instagram account, which is actually a lot easier said than done. It can take weeks, months, and sometimes even years for people on social media to establish a true voice for themselves.

Your voice is going to dictate how people perceive you and your Instagram account. It’s why you need to spend your fair share of time crafting a voice that comes naturally to you.

Work On Taking the Best Photos Possible for Your Instagram Account

While the words that are attached to your photos on Instagram are more important than you might realize, that doesn’t mean you should spend all your time working on them. You’re also obviously going to need to work on taking amazing photos for Instagram if you’re going to have any chance of succeeding on the social media platform.

The good news is that today’s smartphones make it easier than ever before to take great photos without too much effort on your part. But even still, you’re going to need to fine-tune your photography skills if you want to get likes on Instagram. You’re also going to have to get comfortable with the idea of taking a lot of pictures on your phone to land the perfect shots. 

Use the Right Hashtags on Your Instagram Posts

Every single Instagram post that you put up is going to have a photo and a caption. But it’s also going to need to have something else to make it successful: Hashtags!

Hashtags have started to become a bit of a running joke in pop culture. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not still super important on social media platforms like Instagram. Including the right hashtags along with a post could mean the difference between getting 10 likes and 10,000 likes.

Your hashtags should ideally have words and phrases in them that people are going to be searching for on Instagram. They should also have words and phrases in them that are going to connect you to other popular people on Instagram.

By using hashtags as effectively as you can, you can attract the right kind of attention for your Instagram page. You can also work on developing that voice that we were talking about a little bit earlier.

Prepare to Engage With Your Instagram Followers in the Comments on Your Posts

When you reach this point, you should be just about ready to start posting on Instagram. You can start putting up the kinds of posts that you think are going to get you likes and follows from other Instagram users.

But before you do, you should make sure you’re prepared to engage with your Instagram followers. You can connect with other users and earn even more likes and follows by simply dropping into the comments sections for your posts and responding to people.

You can also encourage more people to leave comments for you. They’ll be more prone to do it when they know that there is a decent chance that you’re going to reply to them.

Follow Other Interesting People on Instagram and Leave Likes and Comments for Them

If you aren’t interested in following other people on Instagram, you’re free to leave your Instagram “following” count at zero. There are some Instagram influencers who take this approach to things.

But you’re typically going to be better off following other interesting people on Instagram. You’re going to be able to show your own followers what you’re all about based on the other accounts that you follow.

You’re also going to be able to get a lot of mileage out of leaving likes and comments for other Instagram users. When you do this, it’s going to motivate at least some of them to return the favor. You should be able to build up likes and followers on Instagram by handing out likes and follows to others.

Be Consistent When It Comes to Posting Photos on Instagram

You’ll need to do everything that we’ve talked about here to become successful on Instagram. But there is one other thing that you’ll need to do above all else and that is to be sure that you’re posting photos on Instagram consistently.

If you only put up a new Instagram post once every two weeks, you’re not going to give people a good reason to follow you. They can just check in with you whenever they want when they know that is your posting style.

Instead, you should attempt to put up a new Instagram post at least once every one or two days. You don’t necessarily want to overdo it and flood people’s timelines with Instagram posts. But you do want to work to establish your presence by posting in a consistent fashion.

It Can Be Challenging to Learn How to Be Successful on Instagram—But You Can Do It!

Not everyone is going to be able to enjoy success on Instagram. It can be tricky trying to build up a faithful following online from scratch.

But you can give yourself a decided advantage by learning how to be successful on Instagram and then coming up with a plan. It’ll give you every possible chance to succeed in the end. It’ll also help you to have a blast when you’re posting away on Instagram.

Want to find out about some other things that you should do when you’re working on growing your Instagram account? Get more practical social media advice by browsing through the articles on our blog.

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