8 Hacks for Making Your Instagram Posts Pop

As of 2021, 4.33 billion people around the globe use social media. Social media allows you to connect with others, expand your business reach, and grow your company.

For this reason, you want your page to pop! Read on to learn eight ways to create noticeable Instagram posts.

1. Post With a Purpose

Do not simply throw us content just to post. Post content with a purpose.

Make sure your content matches the theme of your page so it makes sense to your followers. It should provide something useful or interesting to your followers to keep them coming back for more.

2. Capture Interest With Photographs

Avoid posting blank backgrounds with text. Always post a photo with your Instagram posts.

Whether you put up a story or post to your page, a photograph will draw attention and pique curiosity. The pictures you choose should make sense with your purpose for posting. 

Do not constantly post the same images. This will get boring and irritating and cause you to lose followers. 

3. Use High-Quality Pictures

Leave out the blurry pictures that captured a moment you wanted to share. It will get lost in the blur and so will your credibility. Use high-quality pictures that do not appear pixilated. 

Throwing on any picture will make look like you are scrounging for content. That relays the message that you do not have anything worth posting.

You especially want professional-grade photos when you post products. People will equate the quality of your post with the excellence of the products you sell.

4. Filter the Pics

Instagram filters help create a mood for your post. They help turn a great picture into an artwork.

Consistently using your favorite filter helps you create another element to show your brand. Check out these Instagram filters to be using.

5. Get Creative

Think outside of the box in order to stand out when posting on Instagram. Rather than follow trends, create one.

When scrolling through their feed, people will stop when something new grabs their attention. Everything else tends to get lost in the shuffle as it loses novelty.

6. Tell a Story

Frame your post to tell a story. The picture begins with a snapshot of one moment.

From there, you tell what happened there. Drive your story home with an aha moment that makes it interesting and important.

7. Hashtag

Hashtags allow you to expand your target market. People often search or even follow specific hashtags, which means you get quality traffic from this.

Use hashtags that emphasize the purpose of your post. While you can be witty with them, creating something too obscure will lose the benefit.

8. Ask Something

Engage your readers by speaking with them, rather than to them. Do this by leading or finishing with a question.

This will prompt people to engage with your post. Each time somebody likes or comments on your post, it gets boosted in your followers’ feeds and gains importance on hashtag pages.

Make Your Instagram Posts Count

Instagram can serve as an incredibly useful marketing tool for building your brand. Create quality Instagram posts that help grow your business.

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You made a great point when you mentioned that hashtags permit you to grow your target market. Individuals regularly look or even follow specific hashtags, which implies you get quality traffic from this.

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