5 Incredible Social Media Marketing Tips

Did you know that over 70% of adults use at least one social media platform on a regular basis? That’s millions upon millions of people that you’re missing out on marketing toward if you aren’t using your social media effectively.

How do you do that? With a strong social media marketing strategy! Because social media platforms are so saturated, it can be tough to break in, but if you have a few tips up your sleeve, you’ll have a dedicated following in no time. And the more people who enjoy you on social media, the more likely it is that you’ll get clicks or sales.

To learn some fantastic social media marketing tips that will enable you to tap into this massive market and grow your brand exponentially, just keep reading. 

1. Set Goals (the Right Way)

The importance of setting goals for yourself and your brand cannot be overstated. It should be your first step and they shouldn’t be kept in your head but written down somewhere you can look at them often.

Now, if you want to raise your chances of success even higher, you need to set these goals the right way. Let’s say you start an Instagram page for your blog and your goal is to have a thriving account. Okay, this is a great starting point, but not nearly specific enough.

The most effective goals are ones that are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive). So while you can start with a broad stroke goal such as the one listed above, you need to break it down further.

A better goal would be to reach 1000 Instagram followers in six months by posting every day and engaging with other users. You can then break it into smaller actionable steps to take along the way.

2. Learn Your Target Audience

You could have the greatest Twitter page in the world, but if you don’t do anything to connect and engage with your target audience, all those perfectly curated tweets will be for nothing. This is why you have to first identify your target audience, then learn everything you can about them.

To do this, all you have to do is take a look at blogs or social media accounts with the same target audience. Take note of the demographics, as well as the needs and wants of the typical person within that audience.

You cannot approach social media with the idea that you’ll be a faceless brand. This doesn’t mean that showing your face is an absolute necessity, it means that you have to show personality. Users want to interact with brands with whom they can relate and who care about them.

3. Curate Your Content

Growing your social media account to take advantage of Facebook or Instagram advertising requires a well-thought-out page. Frequent posting is a must. Depending on the platform you’re using, you’ll need to post at least once a day. However, with a platform like Twitter, multiple posts per day are preferred.

With the pressure of being as active as you can, it’s easy to fall into the trap of posting just to post. This is a huge mistake. Regardless of which platform you’re focusing on, every single post on your page should be one that was chosen and crafted with care.

This can be difficult with a site like Instagram, as taking daily post-worthy pictures is more challenging than crafting a tweet. That said, you can use the story feature to make up the difference.

If you’re feeling a little lost with creating content that will attract the most users, don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional for help. A quick search of “SEO services Jacksonville” (or wherever you live) will put you on the right track. An SEO expert can help you build your online presence faster than you ever thought possible.

4. Don’t Sell to Your Audience

We get it, you came here for online advertising tips, the whole point is to sell your products or bring people to your site through advertising. With this goal in mind, the idea to make it a point to not sell to your audience might sound counterproductive.

But think about the last time you were cold-called by some company you might not have even heard of – annoying, right? No one likes to be bombarded by a pushy salesman.

These days, social media has all but replaced traditional marketing, and people look at intrusive online sales tactics the same way they do cold calls. You’re more likely to drive potential customers or users away than to establish a loyal following.

Instead, the goal should be to establish a genuine connection with your target audience. When you build a trusting relationship, sales and clicks will follow.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can never post content that leads people to your products or services. Just don’t be intrusive about it and keep sales posts to a minimum.

5. Use Video Content to Your Advantage

When it comes to digital marketing, nothing is more effective than video content. Thankfully, you can post videos on any social media site you can think of, so you can use this strategy even if you don’t have a YouTube channel or TikTok.

There’s nothing wrong with recording and editing a video to post to your page. However, if you’re confident in your abilities, using the live feature is a great option. In doing so, you can interact with your audience in real-time.

Allowing your audience to engage with you while you’re in the process of posting is a fantastic way to build the relationship you need to thrive.

Expand Your Brand With These Social Media Marketing Tips

In the social media age, having at least one or two social media accounts for your brand or business is a must. Perfecting your social media marketing strategy is perhaps the best way to build your brand and become a success story.

Remember, the most important thing to do is to ensure that your social media page is a true reflection of you and your brand. Being real and authentic will take you much further than trying to be what you think people want you to be.

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