How to Create an All-Inclusive Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing has become more important than ever. Traditional marketing techniques can still have a positive impact but doesn’t have the impact of digital marketing. Digital marketing can be confusing to those without a marketing background due to the variety of areas that need to be covered. A great content marketing campaign without social media […]

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Etsy Website Down – White Screen

If you visit Etsy right now it seems like they are having an issue. The classic WSOD (white screen of death). I’m sure they’re working on the issue and it will be back soon. It’s tough to say what the specific problem is, but often it’s a denial of service attack. I suggest checking back […]

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Second stimulus check – 3 Reasons for giving up on it

The COVID-19 pandemic left traces in the economy in every country in the world, including the US. Therefore, is second stimulus check really needed? Second stimulus check Millions of Americans have lost their jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, while countless more are grappling with income insecurity. Thankfully, the CARES Act has already […]

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Mike Henry will not voice anymore on Family Guy

Family Guy voice actor, Mike Henry said Friday he is stepping down from the role of Cleveland Brown on the Fox animated series. Mike Henry steps down from role Cleveland Brown He announced on Twitter that he will stop playing the show’s main African American character. Mike Henry, who is a white man, has voiced […]

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Aunt Jemima is changing Image and Name – Racial Stereotype accusations

Quaker Oats said it would retire the name Aunt Jemima as it worked to make progress toward racial equality. Aunt Jemima image change and its history For decades, Quaker Oats knew that one of its major brands, Aunt Jemima, was built on racist imagery. The company inched toward fixing the problem over the years. And, […]

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Is there going to be a second stimulus? – What can we expect?

A second wave of coronavirus relief checks is on the table for 2020. If the measure passes, it will put extra IRS stimulus money in your pocket. Is there going to be a second stimulus? There is probably going to be a second stimulus of 1,200$ given to residents to help stabilize the US economy. […]

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How many people have lost their jobs due to coronavirus?

Still it is unknown how many people have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus. The number of people forced out of work during the coronavirus lockdown continues to soar to historic highs. How many people have lost their jobs due to coronavirus The Labor Department said that another 4.4 million people claimed unemployment benefits […]