What Makes Content Such a Powerful Online Marketing Tool?

Content marketing is one of the most common methods you can use to build your brand and attract high-quality traffic to your site. While the model is proven, some people may still not understand what makes content marketing so great and what makes it better than other options. 

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It’s completely understandable when you have little knowledge of how traffic works and the differences between different types of traffic. It can also be difficult to believe that a model that is so accessible could also be one of the most powerful. But what makes content marketing such a powerful method anyway?

Content Marketing Builds Authority

One of the main goals of content marketing is to sell your expertise, not a product. Try to think of some of the most well-known content creators out there, like Neil Patel for instance. Do any of you know exactly what he’s selling? Exactly.

Content should serve as a resource, not a direct marketing tool. You’ll have plenty of time to sell later on. In the meanwhile, being recognized as a reliable resource in your industry will pay dividends and will get you better responses when you do decide to sell something.

The best in all of this is that you can benefit from someone else’s expertise by hiring expert freelance writers. Firms like The Hunt, for instance, have an army of writers that will create content tailormade for you and allow you to slap your name on it as the author. This allows you to expedite the content creation process, or help you in case you have difficulty expressing your expertise into words. 

It Helps Build Trust

Trust is a hot commodity online and trying to establish trust in an increasingly crowded marketplace can be difficult. This is the other benefit of content marketing. You’re taking a softer approach to selling and can form a genuine connection with the reader. Keep on giving tips, education, and useful solutions to your users and they will pay you back with their loyalty.

Content is Central to SEO

If you want to get more organic visibility on search engines, content marketing is key. Brand mentions and links from high-quality sites are two major criteria for search engine rankings. Good content on your pages will also send positive signals that could improve your SEO. 

It Allows You to Compete

Depending on your niche, content marketing might be the only way for you to compete with the big names. Content marketing can be used to reach massive audiences even with limited means. Get the right piece of content on the right blog and you could get traction for your whole site. This could then allow your brand to get as much organic visibility as major brands with million-dollar marketing budgets.

So, if you were skeptical about the power of content marketing, we hope we were able to change your mind. Consider looking into its benefits in more detail and don’t hesitate to work with a great team to help you unlock all of its potential.

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