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Etsy Website Down – White Screen

If you visit Etsy right now it seems like they are having an issue. The classic WSOD (white screen of death). I’m sure they’re working on the issue and it will be back soon. It’s tough to say what the specific problem is, but often it’s a denial of service attack. I suggest checking back in periodically to see if it’s working.

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I have gotten the WSOD every time I have tried since sometime in 2020. It’s now June 2021. I have no idea if the site is permanently down, but I’m very disappointed because I also had my eBay account permanently suspended for reasons unknown to myself (haven’t listed anything in well over a year, only logged in a few times in the last few months, they won’t tell me how I was a threat to their community) My account might have been hacked but I’ll never be able to find out. With Etsy gone I’ve basically lost all access to individual artisans.

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