How to Create an All-Inclusive Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing has become more important than ever. Traditional marketing techniques can still have a positive impact but doesn’t have the impact of digital marketing. Digital marketing can be confusing to those without a marketing background due to the variety of areas that need to be covered. A great content marketing campaign without social media promotion would sell the campaign short. This would be by limiting the exposure the content receives. Creating a strategy needs to be done carefully and should be based on data gathered from previous campaigns. Data-driven campaigns can allow a company to see what tactics are truly working. Small changes can increase the ROI on a campaign like eliminating a certain tactic that simply didn’t deliver in terms of results. The following are tips to create an all-inclusive digital marketing strategy for your business. 

Your Website Needs to Turn Heads (For the Right Reasons)

The best marketing campaign in the world is not going to convert if the website it is pointing back to looks like it was designed in the 1990s. Finding the right web design company is important as utilizing best practices in terms of the website will yield the best results. Asking the company or individual designing the website for examples of previous work is imperative. Far too many people state they are professionals at design. Many of these pros revert to using a website template that a person without a design background could navigate. Let your designers know the goal of the website as a law firm is going to have a far different goal for the site than that of an eCommerce business. 

Content Should Come in Different Forms 

Content marketing is a huge part of digital marketing and should go hand in hand with a company’s overall SEO strategy. Content needs to come in a variety of forms and needs to be of the highest quality possible. Podcasting is the newest popular form of content that companies have been utilizing. Not only can an in-depth piece of content be easily created but transcribing the podcast comes with SEO benefits. Video content is another great way to showcase knowledge of a niche of business. Do not waste money on low-quality content as this clickbait doesn’t convert as it did a decade ago. 

Social Media Should be Used to Engage Followers 

Social media can be the perfect platform for a company to grow its brand. Engaging with followers is going to take more than just promoting company content. Promoting posts can be an option but this should be done carefully. Not all social media platforms are great for specific types of businesses to advertise on. Instagram is perfect for travel-related business but might not work wonders for an accounting firm looking to grow its customer number. 

Influencers Can Help 

Influencer marketing is a huge industry with certain influencers being paid immense amounts for a single sponsored post. The truth is that the huge influencers like Kim Kardashian will not deliver in terms of ROI what a smaller influencer will. These “micro-influencers” build up a base of loyal followers that trust them. Take a look at the other products or services that they have promoted. A brand only wants to partner with an influencer that teams up with quality businesses. Outreach to these influencers can be tough as their inboxes are often flooded with offers from various brands. Influencer platforms are going to be the best place to find influencers. Some of these platforms have results garnered for other brands. Being able to see the ROI on a campaign is important when trying to create a marketing budget for influencers. 

Monitor Review Sites 

Review sites are going to be paramount when it comes to attracting customers. The lack of response to a scathing review can tell a customer researching the business that the company doesn’t care about customer experience. Most consumers flock to these review websites in order to see if they should consider patronizing a certain business. Social media is another platform where customers voice their displeasure. Respond to every review regardless of how negative they are as this could be an opportunity to retain a customer. Most people that complain simply want to be heard or given a gift certificate of some form. 

Digital marketing can be complex so it is essential to enlist the help of freelancers or a marketing agency. The last thing that you want is to spend a large amount of money staffing a marketing department that doesn’t yield any results. Scaling marketing projects up can easily be done with the use of freelancers. There are incredibly talented freelancers that can be of assistance regardless of the task that needs to be completed. Digital marketing is here to stay so create a strategy that converts in a myriad of sales converted. 

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