5 Video Content Types Essential to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

To engage an audience, you need to create compelling content. Impactful posts and articles used to be the way this was done, but marketing is changing. Posting interesting written content no longer holds the value it used to, with many businesses now turning to other types of content. The inclusion of video in digital marketing strategies is becoming the norm. But what types of videos can you create to drive engagement?

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Testimonials are very powerful because they are an endorsement of your products, services, or business. Testimonials are a very potent tool for building trust, which is a fundamental factor in enhancing customer loyalty. Whenever you get the chance, whether at a conference or other event, encourage your customers to create short video testimonials. You can then post these on platforms such as YouTube and share them on social media. Doing this can also help build brand value.

Instructional, Explainer, or Tutorial Videos

When you need to demonstrate a product, it is always a good idea to use an instructional, explainer, or tutorial video. Users appreciate detailed videos that show how your products work so they do not spend too much time trying to figure it out themselves. This leads to higher engagement and a higher likelihood that they will share your content.

Search engines also love these types of videos. Google, for example, will show a well-explained video as the first search result for a related query. If your video was in this position, that would be a huge boost for your digital marketing efforts. 


Roundups are videos curated around a theme or topic. Some examples include “5 best speakers under $500” or “Top 5 restaurants to visit in Manhattan”. To ensure you are creating great content, aim for four minutes or less so you can hold your audience’s attention and ensure you incorporate different options that cater to different people. Also, ensure your content is visual by mixing in different shots, people, locations, and other video elements to break the monotony and make the video more interesting.

Video Sales Letter

Video sales letters are gaining popularity and they are similar to online sales letters. The major difference is that video sales letters allow you to be more creative, incorporating different multimedia elements such as PowerPoint slides and narration to enhance the experience. Video sales letters are usually placed on landing pages and can be a useful persuasion tool to guide people towards a sales funnel.


Interviews are an underutilized resource that can help you build brand credibility and authority. This is because interviews are interactive and often feature speakers with different perspectives on a topic. Because of this, these videos are a lot more engaging since you demonstrate you can demonstrate your willingness to discuss different subjects with other professionals.

But how do interviews benefit your business? Interviews usually have a higher reach than other video types. This is because the interviewee’s audience is also watching and since their industry and yours intersect somewhere, there could be potential customers watching.

Every digital marketer should be using video content as it has been shown to have lots of benefits. There are many types of video content you can try out; you are just limited by your creativity and the resources you have at hand.

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