3 Tips for Writing Effective SEO Articles

Do you remember the days before the internet? Did you attend school in the era of paper dictionaries and encyclopedias? While in college, did you find yourself in the school library on evenings and weekends pulling books off the shelves as you researched topics for a term paper? What a convenience it is to be able to simply say, “Hey Siri”, or, “Alexa”, and get answers to questions that could have taken hours to find in those days of paper books and libraries. This convenience is made possible by the many articles found on the internet in which the writers have placed keywords and phrases which make it easy to search for topics. Businesses, organizations, and individuals with websites all use this same method to draw internet users to their sites in a process referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is an effective way to increase traffic to your website and introduce more customers to your product and content. 

Provide Value

Written content is more readily available, as smartphones, tablet computers, and other electronic devices allow you to find and read just about anything with a simple keyword search. As more content abounds, users can become choosier about their reading options. Whether you provide information, inspiration, or entertainment, ensure that your writing fits a niche that will engage your reader.  

Identify the Audience

If you own a travel company based in Orlando, Florida, your target audience will be different than that of an owner with a coffee shop near the University of Texas. The target audience of SEO Austin, Texas might include more college students, for example, while the travel company might direct more of their SEO content to families. 

Enlist the Professionals

Growing and strengthening your website’s online presence is not always an easy task. Various internet search algorithms can be quite daunting to follow and understand. Find a company to support your efforts and aligns with your niche, brand, or geographic location. That coffee shop in Austin, Texas might employ the services of a company like MOTOZA Digital Marketing who serves clients in that city. Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations and search for customer reviews. 

Producing articles with effective SEO content is important for any website presence, as it is one of the best ways to steer users to your site. Provide valuable content to your readers, keep your target audience in mind, and seek guidance from people who know how to do it well. 

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