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Using Twitter To Educate Yourself About Your Industry, Markets, & Competitors

twitter-websiteThe more people use Twitter, the more uses people are discovering for the social media site.

Certainly one use that cannot be overlooked, and should be used by any business, is the use of educating yourself!

Educating yourself with Twitter can be extremely valuable for any business because:

1) You can gain insight into your industry
2) You can track market trends
3) You can understand your competition better

The way to make this happen though is to be selective on who you follow.

A lot of people on Twitter care about only one thing – being more popular. But for a business that wants to actually extract value from Twitter, being selective as to who you follow is critically important.

Here’s some ways you can find the right people to follow:

* use Twitter search and use targeted keyword phrases (
* use “Find People Search” )
* find people, competitors, leaders in your industry, and start looking at who they are following / or who is following them

These are just a few suggestions as to how you utilize Twitter to education yourself about your market, industry, and competitors.

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