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Apple Let’s You Officially Unlock iPhone 3G

iphone-unlocked_3gDid you know that Apple will officially let  you unlock your iPhone?

This is something that very few iPhone users were probably aware of, and something that AT&T certainly doesn’t want you to know.

But it’s true, you can offiicially unlock your iPhone right in iTunes!  I got this image from TheAppleBlog:


I’ve been trying to find a step by step as to how you do this but so far, I’ve only been able to find the “unofficial” unlocking methods.

With this being an official way to unlock your iPhone through iTunes, obviously AT&T is aware of it, and you would still end up paying off your contract with AT&T before you switched carriers.

But ultimately, this process would be a negative for AT&T because their profits are really made with long term customers!

If you find a step by step on how to use iTunes to officially unlock your iPhone, post in the replies, or contact me to be a guest blogger here at Social Media SEO!

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