Is It Me, Or Are There Ads Now Showing in Google Image Search?

I can’t remember seeing this before, but when I’ve searched in Google Image Search, I’ve seen text ads showing above the search results!  Is this something new, or have I just been blind to this until now?

Here’s what I’m seeing:


You see the text ads above the running shoes?  I don’t remember ever seeing those before until today.

So someone help me out here – am I crazy, blind, and dumb and just haven’t noticed them before, or is this something that Google is rolling out. reported back in 2008, Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience at Google, said that:

Google is beginning an “experiment” that incorporates graphical ads with image search results.

And according to the article on CNET, the role out might not happen until 2009.  So is this what I’m seeing?

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