Small Business Blogging – 5 Keys To Success

small-business-blogAre you a small business struggling in today’s economy?

I certainly understand, and I would like to add some counsel to help you attract customers, get your phones ringing, and generate sales!

Small business blogging is critical in today’s online economy.

It’s nothing new, people are plugged in via the Internet all day at work, their iPhones and Blackberry’s, their iPod Touches, laptops, and more.  People’s attention are more engage on the web today than anything else in history!

Below are 5 reasons why you, as a small business owner, needs to be blogging:

1)  Search engines rule! People turn to Google and search for businesses more than any other resource.  So it’s safe to say that the majority of your prospects today have already, or will soon be, on Google searching for your type of business, product, or service.  It’s what everyone is doing to find what they want and need.

2)  Google’s favorite appetite. If Google was a customer in a restaurant, what he (they) would order is freshly updated content.  A blog is the best tool to deliver exactly what Google wants on a daily basis – fresh content!

3)  Your competition is clueless. More than likely, your competitors – or at least the majority of them – are clueless about the ROI that can be realized from being found at the top search results in Google.  This means that if you start a business blog, and generate content on a conisistent basis, then over time you will be found everywhere your prospects are searching for you, allowing you to instantly connect to new customers.

4)  Keywords rule the day. When people type something into Google, they are using keyword phrases.  And when it comes to your customers searching for your products and services, they are using keyword phrases that define what they want / need, and what you specifically can offer.  And if you’re a local business owner, more than likely your town or city is part of that keyword phrases.

You can quickly dominate your niche market by generating keyword targeted blog postings.  Doing things like using keywords in your title, and also throughout your blog postings, will allow those pages (postings) to be presented to searchers (prospects) who are actively in search of what you offer.

5)  Consistency is key. Finally, when starting your business blog, give yourself 3 – 6 months of consistent effort – either daily, weekly, etc… – of generating high quality, informative, and helpful content using keyword phrases as I described in step 4.

Being consistent will, overtime, cause you to not only dominate your niche market, but the longer keep blogging, the more difficult it will be later when your competitors figure out what you’re doing and try to duplicate your efforts with their own business blog.

Time – and the age of a domain – is a huge variable in Google’s algorithm.  And remaining consistent over time will cause you be a powerful force in your market for a long time to come!

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