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business_bloggingAs a business, it is imperative that you’re found online!

Why?  Because 9 0ut of 10 people now turn to Google to quickly search for businesses, products, and services that meet their needs.

So if your business is not found when all of these people are searching, then I guarantee that your competitors are!

So getting your presence known on Google is going to require some work, but it is possible.  And not only is it possible to get known on Google, but you can, faster than you think, dominate your entire market.

Here’s a few simple ways to get your presence known on Google:

1) Start writing about your products and services using a blog.  Within your blog postings, use targeted keyword phrases in your titles, and again throughout your postings.  Over time, this will build a large number of pages of your blog in Google search results, making it easier for prospects to find you when searching for what you offer.

2) Find other blogs that discuss your products, services, or niche and see if you can be a “guest contributor”.  A lot of site owners are more than happy to have other writers contribute to their site, and with guest articles, you are usually able to add a signature block such as your name, your business, and a  link to your website.  This allows you to capture attention from the current audience of the site you’re working on.

3) Again back to your blog – write often and be consistent with your targeted keyword phrases.  Your goal should be to write at least 3 times per week, each and every week, in your blog.

Within your blog postings, be aware that a lot people search with geographic phrases.  So if your business is in Atlanta, ensure that you are using the word “Atlanta” in your blog titles and throughout your postings.

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