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People Of The Web: John (Robert Joe) Halderman

david_letterman_extortionPeople of the web: John Halderman – Our People Of The Web Series covers those who are generating a lot of search volume in Google, and creating a lot of buzz throughout the blogosphere!

Halderman is part of the, well… let’s just call it the The David Letterman Sex Scandal – and Halderman is the one who tried to blackmail Dave out of $2 million dollars in exchange for keeping quiet about the sexual relationships that Dave was having with women on his staff.

John Halderman is the name that is currently catching all the buzz.  First of all, people aren’t realizing that who they think is “John Halderman” is actually “Joe Halderman” or “Robert Joe Halderman“.

Who is Robert Joe Halderman or as the web like’s to search for him “John Halderman”?

He is none other than the man who alledgedly tried to blackmail David Letterman for $2 million dollars.

In “The David Letterman Sex Scandal” – Halderman was threatening David Letterman to announce his sexual affairs with women who are part of his show crew, and in exchange for not spilling the news, Letterman was to pay Halderman $2 million dollars.

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