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*BREAKING* Promote Facebook Fan Pages From Personal Facebook Profiles

facebook-fan-page-from-facebook-profile-4A new problem has emerged on Facebook.

The problem is this – you’ve always had a personal Facebook Profile, but now you also have a Facebook Fan Page for yourself, your business, products, or services, etc…

And now you want to promote your Facebook Fan Page to all of your friends who are associated with your Facebook Profile.  Unfortunately, there are 2 major issues preventing you from doing this:

1) The Facebook Fan Box can’t be embedded into your Facebook Profile, and

2) You don’t want to be spamming your personal Facebook friends with emails, wall updates, etc…

Well – I’ve had this problem myself, and I’ve been presented this question numerous times from readers of this blog.  And just when I was about to give up on finding a way to do this – and settling on the fact that it just CANNOT BE DONE – I had a break through!

I’m now effectively promoting my Facebook Fan Page from my personal Facebook Profile in a way that not only effectively drives traffic from my Profile to my Fan Page, but I’m seeing great conversion rates from friends who now know about my Facebook Fan Page!

Let me show you what I’m talking about!

I’m promoting my Facebook Fan Page from 2 locations within my personal Facebook Profile.

1) Here from the left side bar, directly underneath my friends:


2) And here from a custom tab on my personal Facebook Profile:


Both of these Facebook Fan Page promo’s link directly to my Facebook Fan Page.  I have them set up so that when you click on them, the Fan Page opens in a new window.

And now, what I think is the coolest feature of all – when you click to go to my Facebook Fan Page and YOU ARE NOT A FAN, I’ve customized the landing tab settings and built a “Call To Action” image that encourages you right then to become a fan – check it out:


So now, whenever someone who is not a fan visits my Fan Page, they are immediately presented with a banner that has an arrow pointing up to the “Become A Fan” button.

This is dramatically improved the conversion rate of people visiting my Facebook Fan Page.

Plus, now that I’m promoting my Facebook Fan Page from my personal Facebook Profile, a lot of my Facebook “friends” are becoming aware of my Fan Page!

This is a perfect solution for those who desire to promote their Fan Pages from their Profiles!

Another Great Benefit:

This also solved a huge problem that most Facebook Fan Page owners have – finding an easy way to get to their Fan Pages.

With the method I’ve set up, it’s now just 1 click from my personal Facebook Profile and I’m taking directly to my Facebook Fan Page.

Plus, any of my friends who are on my Facebook Profile have an easy way to go to my Facebook Fan Page as well…

It’s just a great solution to a problem that seemed “almost” impossible!

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Hi Justin – we are now setting this up for clients. Give me a call at 706-363-0335 and I'd be help to get this Facebook Fan Page marketing system in place for you as well!

Thanks again Justin…

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