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Create A Facebook Fan Page In 4 Easy Steps

create facebook fan pageCreate A Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook Fan Page for your business, product, or service is like having a social hour, or a cocktail party, where all the guests are those who voluntarily showed up on your behalf.  This means, a Facebook Fan Page can be an extremely valuable resource for growing your business and building your brand.  So today I’m going to show an easy way to create a Facebook Fan Page!

Here’s how to create a Facebook Fan Page in 4 easy steps:

1)  Go here >>

Now there is always more than one way to skin a cat.  Likewise, there are multiple ways to get to this page.  But for me, I’ve just remembered the URL / web address because it’s pretty easy –

Once you enter that URL or click the link above, you will now be on the Facebook  Fan Page dashboard.  And the button you need to click is in the upper right hand corner called “Create Page”.

2)  Defining & Naming Your Facebook Fan Page

The next screen you come is the most important page in your setup process, and it’s here that you are going to define the purpose of your Facebook Fan Page, and you are going to name your Facebook Fan Page.

Defining your Facebook Fan Page

You have 3 different categories from which to chose in defining your business.  And it’s important to get this right, because depending on what you select will determine the layout and structure of your Facebook Fan Page.

I think the category selection is pretty self explanatory.  What I recommend you do is scroll through all the selections of each category to see all the different categories available before making your decision.

Naming your Facebook Fan Page

This is a very important step in creating your Facebook Fan Page because what the “Name of Page” is also the <h1> tag – or the title – to your Facebook Fan Page.

This means – Be keyword conscious when naming your page.

For example, if I’m a bicycle shop in Athens, Georgia and the name of my business is Bob’s Bicycle Shop.  Then I might name my Facebook Fan Page:

Bob’s Bicycle Shop in Athens

Or if I’m a real estate agent in Boston, Massachusetts, then I might name my Facebook Fan Page:

Mary Jones Realty, Boston Real Estate Agent

The point I’m trying to make here is that the name you give your Facebook Fan Page should be keyword rich, without being overly spamming with the use of keywords.

This is important because Google does crawl and index Facebook Fan Pages, and depending on how active your Fan Page becomes, it could very easily be found by those searching in Google for your type of business.

3)  Making your page public or not

The final step before creating and publishing your new Facebook Fan Page is deciding whether you want the page to be public or not.  This means, do you want your Facebook Fan Page to be found by those searching in Facebook for your type of business?  Do you want Google to be crawling and indexing your Facebook Fan Page?  Basically, do you want people to find it and visit it?

If the answer is “yes” I want my page public immediately (which is the most common), then simply leave the check box blank.

If you do not want your Facebook Fan Page to be public, then check the box. You will still be able to access your Facebook Fan Page, edit it, customize it, add content, and do everything else you need to do, it just won’t be searchable and accessible to the public.

If you checked the box to make your page unpublished and not visible, and later you are now ready to publish your page and make it visible, there are couple of ways of doing this.

For pages that are not published, you will typically see a message at the top of your Facebook Fan Page that asks you if you’d like to publish your page.  When you are ready to go public and publish your page, just simply follow the instructions in that message – again, it’s usually at the top of your Facebook Fan Page.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps:

Click “edit page” link that is directly underneath your Facebook Page picture (you’ll see it when you create your page) > once you clicked “edit page”, then select “edit” underneath “Settings” > under “Published – Publicly Visible” select the option “Published – Publicly Visible” (this will make sense when you are looking at it).

4)  Hit “Create Page”

Now all you need to do is hit the “Create Page” button and your Facebook Fan Page is live.

Notice the small print above and below your “Create Page” button that reads:


By clicking the “Create Page” button, you represent that you are an official representative of the business, organization, entity or person that is the subject of the Facebook Page and have the necessary rights to create and maintain the Page.


Note: Creating an unauthorized Page violates our Statement of Rights and Responsibilites. If you violate any of our terms or policies in any way, we may remove you as a Page administrator, remove the Page, and possibly disable your Facebook account. Pleasecreate a Facebook Group to establish an unofficial “fan page”

You have to be aware that if Facebook determines that your Facebook Fan Page violates any of their policies, then they will shut you down.  They will simply hit your “delete page” button and your page will be gone forever, never to return.

Sooo…. don’t create a page to try and spam the system, or otherwise spam Facebook users.  And to do so does not build a strong, long term business anyway, even if Facebook didn’t catch your page.

Like I said at the beginning, your Facebook Fan Page is like a social gathering, or cocktail party.  You need to work on telling the story of your business, sharing yourself and your story with your fans, and sharing great content that is both targeted at your business, products, and services, but also content that is more conversational, like general news, information, and opinion.

Good luck, and let me know in the comments if you have any questions.  And as always, feel free to contact me directly anytime.

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This is great for me and very insightful too. Am new to facebook and trying to find out how to use facebook. Thanks a lot for this info

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