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Wedding Photos Dominate Flickr

flickr wedding photos
Image by: ronaldo f cabuhat on flickr

If you have some spare time, I recommend checking out Flickr, the premier photo sharing site on the web.  While I was there today checking out a cool Apple Tablet image, I started browse around and saw they had a “most popular tag” section.  To my surprise, the most popular tag on Flickr was “Wedding” – check out the wedding photos on Flickr here.

I’m not quite sure why that is a surprise to me, but it’s something that I wasn’t expecting I guess.  I’ve never really spent too much time on Flickr, nor do I upload photos there, but I was impressed with the site, and with the images, after I started browsing around.

What is really cool on Flickr is that the option to sort the photos in each category by “most interesting” and “most recent”.

I suppose that as a Flickr member, you are able to vote on the photos.  And as photos are voted up, they rise to the top of the “most interesting” category.

Anyway – weddings it is… the category that dominates Flickr.  Who would’ve thought!

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