Google Olympic Logos Day 8 – 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Today is February 19th, 2010 and marks the 8th day of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Google is continuing is celebration of the Olympic games with their Google Olympic logo series.  And today they are featuring downhill skiing.

One change that I’m noticing to the Google olympic logos is the addition of more greens.  You can look back through all of the Google Olympic logos and see that initially, the logos were very much favoring blues.  But over the past couple of days, greens and yellows have received more highlighting in the images.

Here’s Google Olympic Logo Day 8

I think the Google Olympic logos are great, and from the comments I’ve been receiving, a lot of people are really enjoying this particular Google logo series.

You can learn more about the downhill skiing event at the Olympics by visiting the official downhill skiing page at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics website.