Where’s The Hard Core Apple Laptop?

Apple Hard Core

I have always admired Panasonic’s ToughBook series of laptops and wondered why Apple has not entered this market. With the Apple computer brand gaining market share into the business world, why have they not entered it with a laptop that can withstand some rugged abuse?

I had a 15-inch MacBook Pro that had the screen crack when I just shut the lid. Apple charged me $600 to fix it and told me it wasn’t covered under warranty.

Thanks American Express for honoring their program of repairing or replacing things that you purchase with their card. I also know of an iPhone that cracked by just pushing on the home button. No product should break or lose function because you pushed on its buttons or closed its lid.

Apple products look great and function great (for the most part) so I wonder why these same products are not put through testing that allows them to survive some basic wear and tear. Panasonic has cornered a market that has no real competition. Apple doesn’t even create any peripheral devices that help protect the products they design and manufacture. Ask yourself why? I believe that Apple is very arrogant and doesn’t want to design anything but the product. They rely on other vendors to create the products that can help their products survive use. This decision on Apple’s part does serve a purpose that many of us don’t realize: they sell more extended warranties and can decline to fix anything that breaks.

What I recommend Apple create is a laptop that competes with the Panasonic ToughBook. I think the iPad is perfect for this because it doesn’t have an external keyboard and can be sealed relatively easy to prevent spills from getting inside. Apple can add a shock-absorbing housing and some cushioning on the inside that protects jarring the electronics. I think Apple should create this new type laptop and call it the Apple Hardcore.

Or maybe there is an after-market company that can purchase iPads and convert them into Hardcores. Think about that business idea? There are many precedents for after-market companies that have taken purchased products, made them better, and resold them. There is even companies that have ultimately been purchased by the original manufacturer (e.g., AMG).

Article Written By,

Robert Thompson
President, Avant-Garde Education