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Where Are ‘Facebook Trending Topics’?

facebook trending topicsFacebook Trending Topics

Is it just me, or am I the only one wondering why Facebook hasn’t released a Facebook trending topics feature, or section, to their website?  I mean, Facebook has been trying to keep up with Twitter applications and functions literally since day one.

One of Twitter’s most valuable features is Twitter trending topics which lets you see what topics are most popular both globally, and even locally.

So why doesn’t Facebook have a trending topics list?

This is quite perplexing to me that Facebook doesn’t have a trending topics list.  I’m thinking that Facebook might not have the platform for analyzing wall updates to the degree that Twitter does.  Although that would seem a bit odd since Facebook is full of the brightest computer programmers in the world.

I don’t know… wouldn’t you think that Facebook would have a trending topics list?’

What do you think?

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