Unvarnished Website Will Seek To Destroy Your Business

unvarnished websiteBeware of the Unvarnished website

here is only one site you need to look at to get a glimpse of what the Unvarnished website will be like – and that site is only serves one purpose – to provide a platform for highly disgruntled clients and customers to absolutely destroy a business. Most of the content produced on is more a fraud than the businesses the content talks about. The Unvarnished website, if in fact is will be an open platform for people to complain, will do more of the same as

Just like Craigslist – and Craig Newmark himself who wrote about and promoted the Unvarnished website today, should be ashamed of providing a website that facilitates the ruining of lives and spreading garbage across the web, the Unvarnished website needs to consider carefully what exactly their purpose is.

If the Unvarnished website provides the same garbage as, then I will just have to dedicate a portion of my day telling the world everything that’s bad about the Unvarnished website.

I guess we’ll see shortly…

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Garbage? Why are you so anti-consumer? People SHOULD be able to voice their opinion, and they should be able to relate their experiences. I bet you (the author) are a liberal and only care about your own freedom of expression while you seek to deny others the same freedoms. Good job, welcome to Obama's Amerika where the liberals will tell you what to say and when to say it.

thanks for your comment – it's just that unrestrained freedom equals choas, especially people can generate content on an authoritative website where people see it quickly and easily.

Sites like that end up doing more harm than good.

Unless, of course, there are editors who are confirming and checking the claims of the writers. But I highly doubt that will be the case.

Marvellous. Just what we needed – another half-baked "review" site where unreasonable dimwits and malevolent worms can spout their worthless opinions . Is this really what the Internet is for? "Unvarnished" sucks.

Wow Phil – if you think my article is bad, I can't wait to see what you think of the content that will flood into Unvarnished when it launches.

Nonetheless, thank you for taking the time to comment – I do appreciate it!

LOL! You got me wrong – I think your article is excellent, I was talking throughout about "GetUnvarnished" ! :)

ah – gotcha – sorry, I'm used to people bashing my points of view and my articles – sorry about that!

Thanks for commenting.

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