Sarah Palin Earns Over $12 Million Since July, 2009?

sarah palin earnings 12 millionSarah Palin Earns Over $12 Million Since July, 2009?

Sarah Palin is a hot topic in the political landscape, we all know that.

But there are reports out that are stating that Sarah Palin has been on a bit of an earning spree as well.

You can argue all you want about the reasoning behind Sarah Palin leaving her post as governor of Alaska, but what you cannot argue is her earning power and potential.

When Sarah Palin was Governor of Alaska, she was earning a paltry $125,000 a year for her public service!

According to, since Sarah Palin has left the Governor’s office in Alaska at the end of July 2009, “the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee has brought in at least 100 times her old salary – a haul now estimated at more than $12 million — through television and book deals and a heavy schedule of speaking appearances worth five and six figures.”

And there is no doubt that with elections coming up in November, the lot for Sarah Palin is certainly going to increase.

Let’s not even talk about the demand for Sarah Palin once the Presidential elections roll around.

With all of the friction on the political landscape, you can bet that Sarah Palin’s net worth is going to do nothing but increase – and more than like, increase exponentially.

Sarah Palin is a hot topic, and she more than likely will continue to grow more “in demand” as time goes on.

4 replies on “Sarah Palin Earns Over $12 Million Since July, 2009?”

You poor thing. So desperate to copy and paste, and you don't even notice the date you give for her earnings, HAS NOT EVEN ARRIVED YET…LET ALONE…..SINCE. lmao.

…"since July 2010" Pretty tricky being this is only April 2010

Sarah Palin is such a phony and liar, always talking out of both sides of her mouth! Heaven help us all if she ever got into the White House!

Not a Palin fan, but you have to admire her ability to turn a buck. And that rates high among her fans. So I gotta say – good going, Sarah.

As far as presidential potential, I am reading that many of her fans don't think she has what it takes. Sort of like this old liberal's take on Teddy, great Senator, liked the man, did not want to see him as POTUS.

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