Core Curriculum now by Timberdoodle

Core Curriculum now by Timberdoodle

Since 1985, Timberdoodle has been hand-picking products that enhance the homeschool experience. A family owned and operated company that began as a back-porch venture, Timberdoodle makes the arduous task of sifting through thousands upon thousands of available products seem less daunting. With solid reviews and timely advice, this company’s expertise has long led families to a richer and more rewarding home learning environment.

With their most recent catalog, Timberdoodle Co. 2010, they have launched themselves into the world of the Core Curriculum. Here’s what they have to say about it.*

A Word About our Core Curriculum

When we started our business, it was the ability to select individual components that set Timberdoodle apart. And while we still offer parents the ability to match their curriculum to their unique family (and we encourage this), we recognize that not all parents are comfortable with that particular feature of home teaching. So we are happy to debut what we believe is the best of the best.

Why Timeberdoodle?

  1. Our selection is based on over twenty-five years of homeschooling and twenty-five years of selling homeschool supplies. We know what works.
  2. Because each child in each family is unique, we have kept our boxed curriculum to a bare-bones foundation. You will get everything you need to have an abundantly-successful year, with no extraneous fluff. While we¬†strongly¬†encourage you to add the extras, both to inspire and to excite you child, we recognize that in today’s economy extras may need to wait.
  3. Because we do not self-publish, we are not limited by our abilities or resources, but have the entire world to hand-select from. That greater flexibility allows us to choose only what we consider the best. We are sure your children will be pleased with our offerings.

So, whether you are a veteran teaching parent or a bewildered newbie, we now have what you need.

Timberdoodle’s Core Curriculum on YouTube

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*Used by permission.

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