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Features for Google Users & How to Use Them For Business

New features to check out in Google Maps, Gmail, and Search. What you need to know now!

New Features to Check Out on Google!

1.  Biking directions for Mobile.

According to Google’s blog, since 1956 May has been recognized as National Bike Month in which “Bike to Work” day falls during the week of May 17-21.  In an effort to make it easier for bikers, Google added a new feature to Google Maps: Biking directions for Mobile users.  Using this feature, mobile users can receive customized bike routes, bike-only-trails, roads with bike lanes, and more.  It is essentially a new layer in the Google Maps API in which users can see these new features.

2.  Gmail Drag and Drop Images into your messages.

Yesterday night Google posted news to the Gmail blog that now, users can drag and drop photos from their computer into their Gmail messages.   This function only works to its fullest in Chrome at the moment but if you are accessing Gmail in Chrome you can send pictures to your contacts by simply dragging and dropping them from your desktop.  You can resize them too.

3.  Social Search

This is probably the biggest.  If you are not already aware of it, then you will be soon.  It is nothing new but it is changing the way SEO practicioners work and has shifted the weight of the Google search algorithm to social.  Be sure to check out this article on Google’s social search for SMO and Search Engine Journal’s take on the changes happening to search.

For more information on how to use Google’s tools such as the new social search and Google maps for your business consult the Art of Social Media Optimization blog, The Social Capitalist.

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