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Missing money

Unclaimed Money / Unclaimed Funds – Free Unclaimed Money Search from the Government‎, the biggest news is the estimated total amount of unclaimed money owed to the public is over $300billion. $300billion ready to give to its owner.

What is Unclaimed Money ? According to the unclaimed money page

Unclaimed funds are items such as money, stocks, or jewelry that are being held by state or federal agencies until the owners claim them.

For unclaimed property in US, Missouri state is the Largest Lost & Found and more than $30 million in Unclaimed Property and reduced the wait time for a return by 15 days. Springfield resident receives $300000 in unclaimed property, New York has $9.9 billion in unclaimed fund accounts. If you have unclaimed money, now its the rite time to find yours and claim.

missing money unclaimed
Unclaimed money

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