iPhone, HTC EVO 4G – The 4G Problem That No One is Talking About

iPhone, HTC EVO 4G – The 4G Problem That No One is Talking About

The iPhone 4G is expected to be announced on June 7th when Apple opens up the WWDC2010 conference in San Francisco. This has been the venue of choice for all previous iPhone announcements, so it’s hard to believe that the iPhone 4G would be any exception.

The Android powered HTC EVO 4G, sold by Sprint, is expected to be available for at least pre-order by the end of the month (May).

So within just a few weeks from right now, we could have a major increase in 4G enabled mobile phones coming to the market. And surely lines will start forming for these ultra fast web enabled mobile phones.

There’s only one problem that most people aren’t talking about – there is hardly any 4G hot spots available in the United States.

So someone please correct me if I’m wrong, or I’m missing some updated information about the 4G coverage area, but at the moment 4G coverage seems very sparse – at best.

And if my research is correct – why in the world would someone buy a 4G enabled device, pay the extra money for 4G speed, yet not be able to use the 4G speed unless they live in just one of the very few metro areas that are currently enabled for 4G.

Here’s a 4G coverage map I pulled from Time Warner:

As you can see in the legend of this 4G coverage map, the coverage for literally the most populated quarter of the United States is very limited.

Again, I’ve only been searching Google for 4G coverage maps and this is the best one I have found so far. So if I’m missing something, please let me know – I don’t claim to know all things, all the time!

If the 4G coverage is limited at the moment, then it seems to me that Apple is going to struggle with satisfied customers who buy up the iPhone 4G and who are disappointed when they realize where they live doesn’t have 4G coverage.

And also Spring customers once they get there nice, new, shiny HTC EVO 4G but cannot get 4G mobile Internet speed.

What are your thoughts?

So am I finding outdated 4G coverage maps, or am I on the right track here?

What do you think about the current issue of 4G enabled phones coming to market, but the 4G network not being available for these new mobile phones?