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Google Music could be Apples iTunes competitor

music logo gif gif image 180x40It’s seem that Google will be starting a new cloud based music service called “Google Music”. Google Music will be a push-to-phone service that was announced during Google I/O. Techchunch has found the Google music logo on Google’s hosted service. I have also noticed that has also been registered as a domain from Google, since the Google Music logo URL has been taken down. According to the article the way Google Music works is the user could go to the Market online search for a song download the song. And the song would start to download over-the-air to the user’s Android based handset. This would work the same way for applications as well. Google has acquired Simplify Media, which would offer users a desktop application that would give you remote access to your DRM-free media on your Android based device.

If Google is going to do this service they might want to start launching it soon. Since Apple has bought the music service,which allows users to stream music online and buy songs. And there is a rumor that Apple is supposed to launch a cloud based version of iTunes this summer.

Source: Techchrunch

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