White iPhone 4 Update – White iPhone 4 Not Expected Until August?

White iPhone 4 Update

The white iPhone 4 might not be available until August, according to a customer who visited a Best Buy to pre order an iPhone 4.

The white iPhone 4 has been causing quite a bit of controversy since yesterday when the pre order launched for the iPhone 4. Nobody knew that the white iPhone 4 was not going to be available prior to yesterday. The new broke Monday night just prior to midnight and official launch of the iPhone 4 pre order. And then Apple confirmed it again when they launched their iPhone 4 online store where it stated that the iPhone 4 would not be available for pre order.

White iPhone 4 Not Available Until August

Someone posted a comment here at Social Media SEO stating that he just left a Best Buy store after pre ordering his iPhone 4, and he said that the rep at Best Buy said the white iPhone 4 will be available until August.

And I just realized that this report isn’t really any different than the previously reported time frame of “later this summer”. August is definitely later this summer!

So does anyone have any additional info regarding the white iPhone 4?