Global Stock Alerts: STHG, ARSC, NWGN, RELM, TECA, MMTE

OTC:ARSC – American Security Resources Corporation – Another 600 million in volume tomorrow should clear the .0002 level. The share structure is smaller than that of TCLIF.PK. A price tag of .0004 could be as early as this week.
PINK:STHG – STRATTON HOLDINGS INC – A float lock down that could give rise to a new set of Millionaires for the year 2010. I am calling .07 price target by next week.
OTC:NWGN – NewGen Technologies, Inc. – The interest has come back to this stock. It could be ready to break through its 52 week high.
PINK:RELM – RELM HOLDINGS INC – The companys’ financials are expected on or about July 1st . Should start moving higher for the remainder of the week into next week.
PINK:TECA – TECHALT INC – A bidless stock that could rise pretty fast once investors discover it has only $21 in market capital.
PINK:MMTE – MAMMOTH ENERGY GROUP INC – A late volume surge that could see this stock shatter through the .002 resistance level tomorrow.

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