Blackberry 6 Gets A New Web Browser

blackberry web browser

The official Blackberry blog has a new article written by the senior product manager responsible for browser development on BlackBerry 6.

The new Blackberry 6 web browser is built up the open source WebKit platform. This is the same platform that Apple uses to build the Safari browser. So the new web browser experience should be dramatically enhanced on the new Blackberry 6 enabled devices.

Blackberry 6 web browser is designed to streamline processes that otherwise require multiple steps on a standard desktop browser.

According to the Blackberry 6 web development team,  “unlike the desktop experience in which browsing sessions are usually less frequent but fairly long in duration, mobile browsing sessions are frequent, short, and focused. In most instances, users open their browser with a specific site in mind; therefore, enabling quick access to that site is critical. In BlackBerry 6, we have streamlined the BlackBerry Browser start page and implemented a single URL and search entry box to make sure users can get to websites quickly.”

via Blackberry Blog

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