Penny Stocks – Work from home, be your own boss!

In the United States of America, a penny stock, also known as a micro cap equity,refers to a share in a company which trades for less than $5.00. In other countries the term may be used differently, without reference to US institutions.

Some of these alternative criteria include:

* a price per share being less than $1, and as low as fractions of one cent

* a market cap of less than $50 million or less than $25 million

* trading on more Lucrative markets, such as the Pink Sheets

Which brings me to my main objective for writing this article. The recent economic downturn rendered a lot of families unemployed with the vast majority of them either taking jobs in companies that offered them a pay package that was no where close to a quarter of what they initially made.This forced the bulk of them to adjust their lifestyles according to their low income. In a nutshell a significant number of these families decided to look for alternative and or supplemental income.

This in turn has seen the rise of families both young and old turning to the stock market . With their decrease in income they were obviously not in a position to invest in stocks that were more expensive than $5. Without hesitation they turned to trusted penny stock promoters like BLAQUE CAPITAL STOCKS to send potential fast moving stock alerts to their email in boxes that saw the members see profits in excess of 1000% yes 1000% profit in less than 1 month. So if one of their subscribers invested $200, the $200 would currently be $2000 as evidenced here. Penny Stocks are proving to be the most lucrative investments in the U.S. today with traders reporting yearly  income of $50,000 –  $650,000. Making  money from home has never been easier, the best part about this is you are your own boss. Members wishing to begin trading penny stocks can use brokers such as Scottrade,  Etrade, Zecco and  Sogotrade. After registering with a broker members can sign up for stock email alerts by emailing [email protected] and watching for various other stock alerts via their  twitter account  here. Blaque Capital currently serves subscribers from  U.S.A, CANADA, GERMANY, CHINA, HONG KONG, AFRICA & many other subscribers around the world. So  join the  fastest growing  investing community at  &