Microsoft May Unveil New Windows Phone 7 Tablets (Slate PC’s) Next Week

microsoft windows phone 7 slate tablet pcs

On Monday, October 11th, 2010, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is holding a press conference in New York City along with AT&T. This event has mainly been billed as an announcement for the new lineup of Windows Phone 7 mobile phones that AT&T will carry (T-Mobile has also announced partnerships with Windows Phone 7 mobile phones). But there are rumors starting to surface that Mr. Ballmer may use this platform to announce a new lineup of Windows Phone 7 tablets – or “Slate PC’s” as some people refer to them. Ballmer has been dismayed, and shocked, by the popularity of Apple’s iPad and feels that it is now time for Microsoft to answer the explosive tablet demand.

So what do you think – do you think that Microsoft can be successful with a tablet “Slate” PC that runs on Windows Phone 7?

via AppleInsider

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yep, they sure can since phone 7 os is far supirior to the ipad os. Developers are going to love it as well.

Microsoft has stated that all WP7 devices shall have a screen resolution of 800×480. In order for a WP7 tablet to make sense it would have to display 800×1440. This is no problem for Silverlight apps, but the XNA app (games) would either have to support the new resolution or scale properly. I would buy a WP7 tablet without hesitation but I think it’s more likely we’ll see a Win7 tablet. If I could figure out a way to effectively play World of Warcraft on a tablet…well, I might be interested in a Win7 tablet, too. heh.

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